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Donna Howells


Hi my name is Donna, I am 45, mixed race caribbean and welsh and I live in Leeds. Most of my working life has been in either a care/support or educational role and I currently work in a special needs school. In my spare time I really enjoy upcycling furniture and this allows me to express my creative side.

A few years ago I took a Black Studies course under the tuition of Robin Walker and this has ignited my thirst for knowledge of our history and heritage, so when I was asked  to be a judge on the Windrush Awards panel I felt honoured to be part of this. To me the Windrush Awards are very important but not just to the black community but to the wider community in general in that it showcases the achievements of our elders and the generations thereafter. The Windrush Awards are a reminder that we stand on the shoulders of giants.


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