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Every penny will help us to continue our work with young people and families from disadvantaged backgrounds.


As a small charity with 25 years of service delivery, we really rely on donations, help and support every year to be able to continue to deliver our life enriching programmes and projects for disadvantaged young people. We are a 100% volunteer led charity and do not have any paid staff and seek your urgent support for a couple of big reasons.

Big Reason No 1

The coronavirus outbreak that we are all living through currently has been particularly devastating and we urgently need your help to support our response to this. Our young people have fallen even further behind with their education due to them not being at school for months (the majority being from families who struggle financially and have limited resources). The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has disproportionately affected Black and Minority Ethnic communities the worse, and we are experiencing a situation that is unprecedented.

Like many charities and businesses, we had to close our direct face-face services down and as a result, we lost a lot of our volunteers (many were University students) who had to leave us and go home. We have also taken a big financial hit because our regular donors who would normally support ACAP are struggling themselves financially with many having lost their jobs due to the collapsing economy. They have not been in a position to donate to ACAP and support us as in previous years.

Because of this, many of our services had to be closed or transferred online and we are struggling to cope with our lack of basic resources with an increased demand having been bombarded with unusually high levels of requests for support from parents, schools and young people themselves who all need our services. Your donation will help us to bounce back from the coronavirus lockdown, develop our services, purchase essential tools and equipment for our work with young people and pay for volunteer recruitment and training.

Big Reason No 2

We operate our charity from a beautiful (but old and dilapidated) building in the University district of Bradford. We only use about 25% of the building because it is in desperate need of major refurbishment. Along with local volunteers, we have been working on the building for some time but due to our lack of funds (and two break ins / burglaries that caused thousands of pounds’ worth of damage to the building), we have not been able to finish it.  We have a hole in the roof which has made it impossible for us to continue to refurbish the upper floor of our building because of all the leaks that ruin anything that we put on the walls or floor. We have had no heating for 3 years because our boiler packed up (it was over 30 years old) and we have to use very expensive electric heaters in the winter months to heat the rooms.

Over the years we have continued to provide high quality educational programmes and life enriching services to young people and their families with very limited resources and a lack of access to proper grants and funding compared to other larger charities who seem to get everything. We are therefore appealing to you for financial help towards our building fund so that we can make the building fit for purpose and able to offer enhanced services that will benefit more people. Your donoation will help with the refurbishment of our building, fixing the roof, exterior and unusable space so that we can meet the demands of the community.

We hope you can support us, our young people need your help today, your donation will literally help to change their lives.

Thank you in anticipation
ACAP Fundraising Team

How ACAP is Helping

Since 1995 we have been at the forefront of improving educational outcomes for people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Each year, through our projects and services, we help hundreds of young people and their families to learn new skills,
improve their education, develop in confidence and improve their lives so that they can reach
their full potential and contribute positively to society.

Other ways you can donate

Donate by post

If you prefer, you can send a cheque (payable to ACAP) to 17 Claremont, Bradford, BD7 1BG

Donate by phone

You can call us on 01274 720254 (please leave a message if we don’t answer) as we are operating a limited service due to the pandemic

Donate Resources

You can donate educational equipment like books, computers or tablets to help with our work with young people. Email us at to tell us about your donation


Your support will help us to purchase essential educational resources and equipment we need to change children’s lives. Please tweet, share, or donate to help us in our mission to raise the educational attainment of children and improve the work that we do with parents

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Established in 1995, ACAP exists to advance the educational welfare and outcomes for disadvantaged people in West Yorkshire.

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