17 Claremont Bradford West Yorkshire BD7 1BG

Enterprise Centre

ACAP is currently seeking funding to develop a new Business Enterprise Centre. The vision started a long time ago as a result of our years of experience and work with post 16 pupils. Many of them did not fit into traditional jobs and roles but had aspirations to start up and develop enterprises of their own.

It all started back in 2007, working with young people ACAP developed a research group and conducted research into business and enterprise in the Black community. As a consequence of this research, a group of our young people (with our support) decided to develop the enterprise centre.

Since then, although we have continued to work with enterprising people in the community, this work has always been pushed aside to prioritise our main mentoring work and we never got to fully realise our young people’s ambitions. Since 2014 we have been busy trying to formalise this part of our project and turn our building into a fully fledged Enterprise Centre for young people.

We aim to work more closely with young people, women and other members of the community to advance the start-up and success of Black young people in business. There will be lots of opportunities to receive, training, mentoring, coaching and one-to-one support from qualified business people who will act as role models to up and coming entrepreneurs.

For more information about our enterprise centre, if you would like to receive support to start up your venture or if you would like to volunteer for our project, contact us at office@acap.org.uk or call us on 01274 720254.

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