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This award is for groups or organisations that have demonstrated imagination and ambition in order to deliver measurable impact in the community.

African & African Caribbean Wellbeing Cafe


The group  runs an essential well-being service for dozens of older people and their carers in Bradford. Giving members the chance to take part in activities, entertainment as well as a warm healthy meal, their aims are to improive and maintain the mental and physical health of their service users. When the pandemic struck, they had to reconsider how they were going to deliver services in a more creative way though Covid. The group saw it upon themselves to step it up and organise food drops and virtual wellbeing sessions. The group continues to provide much needed support to people who would normally be socially isolated at home.

The group purchased laptops and data for members and organised teaching sessions to show the elders how to use it. They kept their service users going using bingo and other games. Online Zoom exercise classes, IT classes, Information & Advice, Advocacy and culturally sensitive support are just some of the services that the group provides, all with limited resources. Volunteers feature heavily in the project and the group has won the respect and admiration of people in the local community. in the future the group aims to take members out on more trips and have devised a programme of support and care that will ensure the elders are well looked after.

Carnival Management Committee (CMC)


CMC are a new, passionate, dedicated, and diverse group of 13 members who all volunteer around their jobs, studies, and families. The team members have been brought together by the shared love for carnival and the burning desire to see its return to the streets of Huddersfield.  The team have worked together for just under three years, with varying ages and skills, and the team motto “keep the vibe alive”. CMC keep the traditions of carnival’s music, costumes, artistry, poetry, cuisine, and dance alive, but most significantly they inclusively share the history of carnival.

Over the past 12 months the team have worked hard bid writing to achieve funding towards running small carnival projects, working with designers, local children and young people and hosting pop-up performances and workshops, as well as mastering the art of hosting a vibrant and exciting ‘On-line Carnival’ (partnering with local DJs’, radio stations, music studios, college, chefs etc).

CMC is well respected and considered one of the leading groups in the community.  The team are not afraid of hard work and share determination to get “on the road again”, (when it is safe to do so). There is no doubt that CMC have a huge love and passion for not only the Huddersfield Carnival, but the people who enjoy it.

Unity Does MAATer


In 2015 UDM was created from three Community groups coming together. The main philosophy was waking up our people using the tools and main ideologies each group lived by. After a series of successful debates, UDM noted the issues affecting the African / African Caribbean community in Chapeltown. UDM demonstrated that a space exists for our community to receive culturally appropriate health, economics and history educational interventions.

 A team of volunteers came together to stage 3 to 4 educational events per year, with educational events attended by young people, adults and elders. They have also partnered with people in the community to deliver events such as Black History Walk, DIY Natural Product Making, CV19 Conversations in Chapeltown, Young People’s Arts & Crafts Workshops, Inspiring our Young People for Success Workshop and Young People’s Black Heritage Workshop. The Afrikan market established in 2017, now continues with UDM restarting in August 2021.

UDM events highlight the need for education change in the community and the recreation of the village to support not just the child but each other. UDM gives a voice to the young kings and queens in our community. A recent event was ‘Great Africans from Antiquity’, where each child delivered a 10-15 minute presentation. Attendees were notes as saying “all I can say is that you should have been there, our future as a people is secured”

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