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This award will go to a business that was established within the last 6 months-3 years that shows promise for the future

Dancing Taste Buds


My name is Glenis Ritchie and I am the founder of Dancing Tastebuds.  The pandemic has rewind many business, but through it all I seem to be surviving. In the future I aim to employ more staff than I have now, and to continue providing a great service for families in the community.

I grew up in Bradford with my parents and my brothers and sisters, there were eight of us siblings and we all enjoyed our food that was provided for us. We enjoyed it so much that we would recommend it to all our friends till there wasn’t any room around the dinner table. My mum was so precious and her heart and soul went into everything she did. I love to learn an often used to help my mum in the kitchen making all kinds of different dishes. She came up with many different recipes and it was then that she said you should join Bradford college and get your qualifications.

For years after school I did a course in Asian and West Indian cuisine and I really enjoyed the course.  I passed the course and my mother was so proud of me and encouraged me to continue to go on to college for further study. A few years had passed and it was after my mother had died that I went back to college and started level 1 catering and hospitality. I went on to pass that level but I had to take time off because I became I’ll. So then I left it for many more years and then as my children had grown up and I had so much time on my hands, I said I’ll try and get the rest of my certificates and to my surprise, I passed in 2019. I was so happy to achieve what I had set out to do and I then moved on to open my own business, cooking the food I love. One thing I have learned through my journey is that I know that anything is possible now. 

Nadeem Spencer Comrie - NSCFITNESS


I am a 25 year old personal trainer who owns a fitness team and brand.  I have been working in the Industry for 6 years as a class instructor and football coach. I aim to continue to grow a community of young and older people from different backgrounds who strive to reach the fitness and health goals they desire.

One of my future ambitions is to open a fitness centre / gym and expand my brand outside of Huddersfield. My key message to others is that with motivation, ambition and focus you can pursue your passion. 

Stitches & Petals


Stitches & Petals was founded by Beverley McLaughlan. Beverley’s parents arrived in the U.K. from Nevis in 1958. Her father worked at Yorkshire Chemical Dye Works and her mother worked at Burtons. Through them, Beverley embraced strong work ethics. Her unique business Petals & Stitches is situated in the heart of Chapeltown.  

The emporium is a combination of floral arrangements, birthday flowers and other celebratory arrangements as well as funeral flowers. Another element is providing a clothing alteration service (a combination of both gifts under one roof you might say). The emporium stocks a range of cultural cards and gifts produced by other black owned businesses. 

The first 3 years of establishing Stitches & Petals were a challenge, but the past year during the pandemic has seen a steady growth of new customers each week and repeat business.

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