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This award is for a business or individual who has solved problems with creative and innovative solutions.

Tanya Vital


Tanya is a professional Actor, a Digital Entrepreneur and has worked for 2 decades in Film, TV, Theatre & Voice-over, on many award-winning shows. She produces live & digital events in the cultural sector & has worked extensively on several micro-short films, which have garnered various film festival nominations & critical acclaim.

She’s the Founder of Vital Culture UK, an award-winning digital arts platform, dedicated to championing northern, under-represented and emerging artists. A company Tanya forged during the height of lockdown and now 40+ live shows later, 80+ local artists featured, in front of thousands of viewers from Bradford to Baltimore and beyond! Vital Culture UK has just been announced as 1 of the Top 100 creative tech companies in the UK to watch in 2021. 

She produces content that covers Arts, Pop Culture, Entertainment, Music & Gaming. With livestream shows, digital concerts, podcasts, industry Q&A’s and more. Her mission is to build a big enough table for ALL northern artists to eat from.

Tanya & Vital Culture UK have a few really exciting projects coming up. She’s working with XR Stories to develop a live-action game on Twitch and she’s also working with NME on a secret project to be announced very soon.

Lashaun Pryce


In my fifteen years of cooking I’ve managed to work with some of the best chefs in our local community and far a field such as Gordon Ramsey. I also pride myself on creating Huddersfield’s first meal prep company which is now nationwide. I’ve also created Private Dining Club which is a private chef for hire for intimate meals and events which has led us to cook for the likes of international superstar Kalvin phillips and Tyler roberts and a few others on the way and were only just getting started.

There are many reasons why I do this for a living, one been that I love bringing joy and happiness to people through food. Everyone’s happy when they’ve eaten something with great flavours, some may even call me a feeder! 

Lesleye O'Connor


I am a mother of 2 and aspiring public speaker, journalist and presenter. I am also  the founder of Real Table Talk. Real Table Talk was born because I believes we all have a story to tell, and we all need to share our story to encourage and inspire people around the globe. I felt my life was parked; stood still. I was working a 9-5 job going on nice holidays, driving a nice car, single and enjoying it, but at the time l wanted more not sure what that more was l started listening to motivation speakers, Mr Les Brown

I joined toastmaster international to practice on my public speaking skills. Joining this club l was able to travel to Chicago for the Toastmaster International Convention – l was one of the volunteer speakers. I met some very interesting people, it felt like l was meant to be here. I have joined and worked with Les Brown to practice public speaking. I have always wanted to go to university, l did not think it was possible, l left school with two qualification in Art and catering. When l was 30yrs young, l found out l am dyslexic, not thick, or stupid. I am a proud dyslexic who absorbs information in a different way, it might take a little longer, to work things out, l am unique. I am not hiding anymore l am a proud dyslexic.

I moved to Manchester and started my degree course at university, studying Multimedia Journalism l am so proud of me and what l have accomplished, it is amazing. Then the lockdown came, which was hard to deal with, my apartment became my prison l have never really stuffed with mental health issues, but l was so tested. One of my goals is to have my own talk show, not really thinking about that l advertised on social media, l would like to interview people to share their story so l could practice my interview skill. Since than l have meet some wonderful inspiring people

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