17 Claremont Bradford West Yorkshire BD7 1BG

Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre is based at 17 Claremont, Bradford, BD7 1BG  and provides a good selection of learning opportunities for young people.  We offer support in all the key areas ie, Maths, Science, English, Computing and Information Technology and also have an extremely developed Black History programme which gives young people the historical underpinning they require in order to understand the full richness of their cultural heritage.

Knowledge of self is crucial in order to embed a sense of pride and achievement in our young people and we have found that through the introduction of relevant historical and cultural facts and information, the educational attainment of young people is elevated in other key subjects.

Young people also access our drop in centre to chill out and make new friends as well. Everyone is welcome, we look forward to seeing you.

ACAP is an Independent Charity

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