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Our Mentoring Services

Mentoring is one of the main services provided at ACAP with mentors working in schools across the Bradford area. ACAP mentors have provided support to students in a variety of primary, secondary and upper educational establishments since 1995 and have developed a range of holistic and culturally specific programmes for young people.

We use the term mentoring to mean the pairing between a pupil (or a group of pupils) and an adult or young adult, where each can share experiences of a personal, social or professional nature, in a mutually respectful autonomous relationship. A mentor would be someone who is not a young person’s teacher or parent, who can meet the young person on equal terms, listen, share and encourage the young person to address aspects of their personal development. We offer four types of mentoring.

One-to-One Mentoring

This involves the pairing of a pupil and a (volunteer) mentor. A mutually respectful relationship is developed where the mentor supports the young person in a variety of ways in the school setting.

Whole Class Mentoring

Individual mentors work with teachers alongside all the children in the class. Whole class mentoring has far reaching benefits for everyone involved.

Group Mentoring

Two or more mentors work with a group of pupils in a school dealing with issues that the young people and mentors have identified between themselves.

Out of School Mentoring

This service is for secondary school pupils who receive support with their schoolwork and related issues. It is not always possible to support children appropriately within a school setting and this service takes this into consideration.

Young People Being Mentored Benefit From:

Support Towards Their Personal Development


Assistance in Planning & Meeting Deadlines


Support To Manage Their School Work


Specialist Educational Workshops


Encouragement and Reinforcement of Cultural Values


Help With Personal, Social & Career Aspirations


Increased Self-Esteem & Confidence


Network of Supporters


How do we work and who do we work with?

Our mentoring team work with other partners to provide an all round service and work closely with young people and their parents, Education Bradford, school counsellors and others to ensure that we are meeting the needs of every young person who comes into contact with us.

We also work closely with and provide support to disadvantaged young people who are at risk of falling out of education, employment or training. We always need more mentors to join our team because we never have enough mentors to cover all the requests for mentoring that we receive from schools, parents and students. Mentoring can really make a massive difference in the lives of young people, especially males who are in need of guidance and support around the key decisions that they need to take with regards to their educational choices and future goals.

Happy Mentee Testimonials

“I was having problems at school and ACAP helped me to get through them. They helped to get into a better school and I am much happier now. I love my new school and have made new friends.”

Kamesha Thompson

“At the ACAP playscheme I met new friends and I enjoyed myself a lot. We played good games and went to Chester Zoo. I like animals so this was a good exprience for me. I like going to ACAP because it’s fun”

Kishi Daniel-Reid

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Established in 1995, ACAP exists to advance the educational welfare and outcomes for disadvantaged people in West Yorkshire.

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