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Improving Access To High Level Learning

iSTEM Classes For Young People

ACAP iSTEM is a new project that provides mentoring services to young people in the areas of IT, Science, Engineering and Maths. This peer learning mentoring programme provides young people with unprecedented opportunities to learn and advance in areas that they are currently underrepresented in. We are in the middle of recruiting professional tutors and trainers and are working with a team of volunteers to deliver this innovate project that operates both from our community centre in Bradford and also on an outreach basis where we bring STEM into the community.  We are working towards the following outcomes:

Improved education, Increased interest, knowledge and capacity in IT and STEM subjects

Increased self-confidence in tackling science assignments and projects and an improvement in school grades.

An improvement in 21st century skills, including communication, teamwork, and analytical thinking.

A shift in attitude and ambition towards pursuing college and university to study IT and STEM subjects

Improved confidence, self-esteem and achievement in young people.

So how do we deliver the iSTEM classes and how does it all work?

The iSTEM sessions and extra curricular activity are administered in six-week blocks and are open to all students regardless of ethnic background. All our projects are inclusive however, African Caribbean young people are specially targeted because of their low numbers in admission to university for STEM subjects and their low numbers in the workplace in these industries.

Sessions are on a Tuesday’s and Thursday after school for 2 hours each session. Whilst at the centre, young people can attend IT, Maths, English and Science booster sessions with paid qualified Tutors. These sessions have been designed to be fun and engaging. Young people are able to develop their social skills through a range of non-academic activities including video gaming, dance and arts and crafts during break times.

If you would like to enrol on our iSTEM programme, contact Ann-Marie on 01274 720254. You can also send an email to us at office@acap.org.uk

Our iSTEM classes are being funded by the Liz & Terry Bramall Foundation whose grant is administered by the Leeds Community Foundation. We would like to express our gratitude to them for giving us the opportunity to bring these opportunities to young people in the community.

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Established in 1995, ACAP exists to advance the educational welfare and outcomes for disadvantaged people in West Yorkshire.

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