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Sponsored by the iWill Fund, these Awards recognise the important
contributions that young people make in the local community

Nomination Categories

There are 4 Awards recognising the important commitment and contribution that young people make in the lives of others in the community.  It could be that they are a good carer for someone in need of help, they could be volunteering in their church or school or they might be the first person to volunteer to undertake community litter picking, cleaning or anything that generally makes Bradford a better place to live.

Nominations must be received by the deadline of Friday 17th May 2019. All nominations will then be reviewed by our nominations panel and all shortlisted nominees will be invited to attend the awards celebratory event on Friday 12th July. Before you make your nomination(s) below, be sure to read our Nomination Guidance sheet by clicking here. 

Every nominee will receive a certificate (and a big thank you!) and the award winners will be presented with a prize at the Award ceremony on the 12th July 2019.

Choose one of the 4 categories below to nominate a young person

Young Carers Award

This is for young people who help to look after someone in need of care.

Best School Helper Award

This is for a child who is always happy to help out and volunteer at school.

Community Helper Award

For young people who help out and make a real difference in their community.

Best Youth Volunteer 2019

This award recognises the outstanding achievement of young volunteers in any field.

Other Ways To Nominate

You can complete the nomination form and view the criteria for each award here.

You can also send a video entry stating who you are nominating and why, plus the award category and your contact details to office@acap.org.uk

Paper forms can be sent out upon request – please contact the ACAP office on 01274 720254.

Do you know a young person who wants to get involved in our YAM (Youth Action Movement) Project?

In November 2018, ACAP developed a new project called the Youth Action Movement (YAM). Supported by the iWill Fund, the project helps to get young people involved in volunteering and creates more meaningful opportunities for them to do so. We have recruited a good number of young volunteers who have taken part in a variety of activities but we are always looking for more young people to get involved. The impact of volunteering is very beneficial for the young person and the community also benefits so it is a win-win.

ACAP works with a range of organisations who are always looking for young people to get involved.  Young people can also join our Youth Action Movement (YAM) project which links young people together so that they can partner up to do good work in the community.

If you know a young person who would like to volunteer, get in touch.  We have all the policies in place to protect your child whilst they are with us (DBS, Safeguarding, Child Protection) so you do not have to worry when your child is with us. Maybe their volunteering work can lead to them becoming the proud recipient of our 2020 Youth Volunteering Award.

So What’s In It For Young People?

Learn new skills that will last a lifetime

Gain personal achievement and satisfaction

Meet new people and make new friends

Have lots of fun doing something meaningful

Build confidence and independence

Have something good to add to their CV

ACAP Youth Volunteer Testimonials

What do young people say about their experiences?

“I got involved about three months ago and have been helping out at the elderly day centre after school and in the holidays. It has been fun and I have learned a lot about older people and their stories of when they came to England”

Kael Hendy

“I like computers so I have been using my talents to help older people learn how to use their smart phone and Ipad’s better. They have been surprised by the simple things that I have shown them that they say has made their lives better”

Leah Bryant

Connect with us

Established in 1995, ACAP exists to advance the educational welfare and outcomes for disadvantaged people in West Yorkshire.

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